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Shrek Costume And Shrek Party Ideas

Shrek Costume Adult

We have every Shrek Costume that you could imagine. Whether you are a fan of Shrek 1, Shrek 2 or all the Shrek movies, it’s our desire to help you create a memorable event.

Shrek Costume

You don’t even have to wait for Halloween, just decide to have a Shrek Party and invite all your friends. Encourage those who are going to attend to dress up as one of the Shrek characters. By the way, wouldn’t you like to save money on your next costume purchase? Simply subscribe to our Free Newsletter on the right and get access to discounts and coupons delivered straight into your email Inbox.

Princess Fiona Costume Child 2

How cool would it be to have some of the guys dress up in Shrek 1 or Shrek 2 while others wear Shrek The Third and Shrek Forever Aftercostumes.

Some of the girls can dress up as the beautiful Shrek Princess Fiona or as the more adventurous Princess Fiona Warrior. But maybe you are looking for your knight, so you might want one with a sexy flair to the Princess Fiona Shrek Costume. Regardless of what look your going for, we have your size. Even Shrek Costumes in plus sizes, along with a Shrek Costume for kids of all ages from toddler to teens. Check out the Shrek Gingerbread Man, here’s one Shrek Costume that even if you’re having a bad hair day…you would look great wearing. You could be a Gingerbread Warrior or just a fun Shrek – Gingerbread Man.

A Shrek Costume must have a sidekick, Donkey Shrek.

Baby Shrek CostumeHey, don’t forget about Donkey Shrek! He has always been my favorite and of course Shrek’s wise cracking sidekick. No doubt you have a friend who is either a clown or maybe you think he’s a real #%* …OK let’s just say mule. Regardless, wearing a Donkey Costume would probably fit his character just right.

But that’s not all the animals we have, maybe you would look better in the Puss in Boots Shrek Costume. I know your toddler would look, oh so cute…in our Shrek-Puss n’ Boots Costume or the Dronkey Romper Infant Costume. And if that’s not enough to make you the envy of the neighborhood for throwing such a great party, don’t forget the dog! That’s right; you can even dress up Fido in a Shrek Costume made just for him!

Donkey Costume Mask


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Be everyone’s favorite at the next Shrek Costume Party!

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